Adamo Family

My name is Courtney Adamo and I’m married to Michael. Together we spent 12 years in London where all four of our kids were born. We have two boys, Easton (11) and Quin (9) and two girls, Ivy (7) and Marlow (3). In spring 2015, we sold our house and most of our bigger belongings. We then sold the car, gave lots of stuff away, put some treasured belongings into storage and then asked some friends to babysit the house plants. We decided it was the year to make a really big dream a reality. We decided to push pause on our busy lives in London and take a year out to spend time with our children…
The direction: Australia, France, Italy,  Japan, New Zeland, South America, Sri Lanka, UK, USA
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5 thoughts on “Adamo Family

  1. I really liked your photos. The reason I emailed was to settle a bet. We (My sister & I) saw Easton’s photo on Google and I said “Hey! I know that guy.” And of course my sister said I didn’t. You just proved I did and I went surfing with Easton. Not sure where because I surf a lot. I was thinking Khao Lak but maybe I’m wrong. Doesn’t matter because I said your son’s name was Easton and so did you. Won $50.00. She’ll never bet against me again. You’ve got cool pics and I remember that your son was funny and awesome, but he was older than me so we didn’t hang much. Tell me if you’ve ever been to the Takua Pa district of Phang Nga Province of Thailand.

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