We noticed that the last few days you’re name showed up in conversations concerning sharing requests of nude/porn pictures (or videos). Since this is against the blog policy (Rule 1 > (Requests for) Sharing or trading of nude/illegal pictures in blog comments, blog posts, competitions (‘Picture of the week’), at the forum or by the private messages system is not allowed”) we moderators of the community have therefore decide to limit your community rights as of today.
You’re not only breaking blog rules, but you’re also involved in illegal activities using the community as a platform. Because of that, you only will be able to view the posts in the blog area.
We hope we have informed you sufficiently.

Sascha and Kasper

Dear Sascha and Kasper!

Because i don’t have any other options, i have to protest here.

This behavior is not correct, all the statements towards me are lies.
I think your only goal was to kick me from Boysblogs forum.

Regards: boyzoom


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